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Cricut Secret Santa

(This post brought to you by Cricut)

I’m so excited to be participating in the Secret Santa with Cricut, along with some of my other crafty-Cricut friends. I’m going to show you what I made and sent off in the mail yesterday. At the very end of the post, I’ll tell you who I sent my gift to! (But if you’re participating, and want it to be a complete surprise, you can click away before you get to the end 🙂

So, everything I put together was made with my Cricut. There’s a bow paper bag (which holds a bag of Seafoam candy that I made) and a gift box with a gold stripes base and a black lid. These are so easy to make with the scoring stylus because it scores and cuts the paper all at once, and you know exactly where to fold the paper to make the perfect box.

Inside the box are 3 colorful pair of paper earrings, all cut with the Cricut of course! Each cutout gets a layer of Glossy Essentials. When that dries, poke a hole in the top with a needle and put the earring hook in.

The earring cards are cut on the Cricut too, with a blue pen outline.

The card has a foam poinsettia cut from Cricut distressed foam sheets. I used the deep blade and the custom setting for distressed foam, and it cut out great! (I also had it on the strong grip mat, to make sure the foam didn’t move around while cutting. My hot glue gun made putting the flower together very easy. Glitter gold vinyl was the final touch.

Don’t you love how the gift and the packaging are all original creations? Want to know who I sent them to?


I sent my gift to Jen from Craft-O-Maniac! Jen is an amazing blogger, she’s been at it longer than I have, and she’s always got great ideas. You have to go check out her beautiful Christmas tree! Her Instagram is full of pretty pictures too. 

I hope she likes her small box of goodies, and I hope I’ve given you some good ideas of what you can do with your Cricut. See this post if you want to get the earring SVG files for the patterns I made here–>Paper Earrings.

Here’s everything I used in this post: (affiliate links)
Cricut Explore
Cricut mats
Deep blade
Distressed foam

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MrsMajor Hoff

Sunday 13th of December 2015

Cute idea! And I'll totally be making the box!

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