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Coupon Codes for NuMe Wands and Straighteners

People keep asking me about the NuMe hair tools I love, and I can’t always get back to them right away. To make it a little easier, I decided to write a post that can just live here on my blog, and I’ll just come in a update it with the current NuMe sales and deals. That way you’ll have the links and codes you need all in one place so you can order. (these links are affiliate links, meaning I get a couple of dollars as a kickback but it doesn’t increase your cost at all–so thanks!)

I also of course want to show you some of the hairstyles I can create with either my flat iron or my curling wand. I have the 25MM classic wand, and here’s how my hair looks after I curl it all. For this style I started wrapping my hair about half way down. The second day it stays really big soft waves. (Nice and beachy!)

Here you can see half of my hair done with the flat iron, straight. The other half is curled with the flat iron (a la Leslie Knope!)

And then here’s a shot where all my hair is curled with the flat iron. You can see how the curls are a little tighter than with the wand.

So now for the most important part, THE DEALS



Summer Sale (expires Aug 16, 2016) $39 Any Curling Wand + Free Shipping


  • Pearl (beachy waves),
  • Reverse (tighter curls at the top, looser curls at the bottom),
  • 32mm (loose waves),
  • 25mm (most versatile; can vary by how much hair you curl at a time and whether you let the curl cool/set before you pull on it or brush it),
  • and 19mm (tight curls).




I also have a video up on my Facebook page where you can watch me use both the flat iron and the classic wand. They really work so well, and I don’t even use a regular curling iron any more. Go to this page and look for the video called “Straight and Curls with NuMe Tools” (don’t worry, it starts out sideways, but then I figure it out and fix it 🙂
If you have questions, please let me know!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.