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Cleaning Up the Girls’ Room

I can’t really call this a makeover, because nothing drastic changed in their room.  I came up with a couple of solutions for some problem areas we had though, and since I *did* show you all the before pictures last week, I had to redeem myself with some after pictures, right?

As a reminder, here’s what their room looked like when I tackled it:

Clothes spilling out of the closet, toys and stuff piled up in the corner and on the dresser. 

Here’s what I did to tame a few monsters.  


  • Gave each girl their own shoe bucket.  We used to try to fit all the shoes into one of those white buckets, but it was always overflowing and it wouldn’t fit back into it’s spot.  With a little rearranging, I was able to give each girl their own.  I think they still need some cute labels though 🙂
  • Hung up all the jackets that aren’t being used currently.  You can see where their backpacks and coats hang, but there were other sweatshirts that they tried to cram there and aren’t being used and just ended up on the floor.
  • Art boxes.  The plastic containers on the floor hold their art supplies and as long as the lids get put back on, it keeps it looking pretty clean.

  • Mostly just needed to be cleared off, but a few special pictures can stay out.  You can see the dresser makeover here.

  • It’s amazing what smooth covers can do for a bed!  
  • I cleared out their bookshelves so they weren’t overflowing and constantly spilling books down to the floor
  • Use the under bed space!  I found 3 sturdy boxes in our garage and  covered the fronts of them with Duck tape.  One box was too tall to fit under the bed, so I cut down the sides with a box cutter.  Then I made handles from Duck tape so that we can pull them out from under the bed.  The pink box now holds all the Littlest Pet Shop/Polly Pocket/Princess collections!

  • You couldn’t see this corner of the room very well in the original pictures, but it used to hold all of the toys.  Or was supposed to.  But mostly things spilled out of those pink boxes and in a big pile on the floor.  That’s mostly taken care of by the boxes under the bed now, so here each girl gets one shelf, plus some series books take up another shelf.
  • They also each get one magazine file box to put their papers and notebooks in.

Now that we’ve had the new set up for a week, it’s still looking really good in there!  Plus I’m trying to make sure that they take just a couple of minutes right before bed to do some “guided” clean up.  It’s keeping things from becoming a crazy disaster in there again.  And I feel better knowing that there really is a place for things to go and I haven’t let them be set up for failure when I say “clean your room.” 🙂

Do you have any tips to share on helping your kids’ rooms stay organized?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.