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Candy Gift Toppers

My kids love adding these candy gift toppers to their friend’s birthday presents.

The year that my youngest sister turned 9, she told all her friends that she just wanted candy for her birthday. 

You can imagine the sugary aftermath of that birthday party. My kids also like to pick out candy for their friends, but I like to make sure there’s a useful gift involved too–craft kit, toy, game, etc (I’m guessing the other moms appreciate this as well) 

To make it more fun than just throwing a pack of candy into the gift bag though, we make it part of the packaging! It’s a colorful addition to the gift, and it works on boxes or gift bags.

How to make a candy gift topper

Wrap the gift in any paper (I like to use brown kraft paper white art paper from IKEA because then you really notice the candy)

Pixy Stix Bow for a Present Topper

Tie string, twine or ribbon around the package and tie in a knot on top. Pinch the bag of candy in the middle and tie the string around to hold it in place and keep the bow shape. Trim the excess.

I used a Skittles bag, a fun size M&Ms bag and then I made a star shape out of Pixy Stix! Use a twist tie to wrap around the middles of the sticks so they stay, before tying the string around them.

Candy to use for gift toppers

What candy would you love to see on one of YOUR gifts?

Other candies that make good gift toppers:

  • any bag of M&Ms
  • any bag of Skittles
  • pack of gum
  • ring pop – use hot glue to attach the package to the center of the gift
  • candy necklace – still in the package, it can be tied up with string
  • candy canes 

Use the holiday versions of these candies to top gifts that will look cute ad sweet under your tree.

Be sure to check out this post for more creative gift topper ideas.


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Tuesday 10th of July 2018

This is such a cool and creative idea! Have you every tried with a lolli pop? I think that would be a fun one for kids.


Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Hey Steph! I added this to a roundup. I love this!

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