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Be an Energy Detective

One of the best things about “saving” something is knowing that you can use it for something else.

If you save some Halloween candy, you can enjoy a treat next week.
If you save time by staying focused and cleaning fast then you have time to play later.
If you save energy in your home you have a little extra money to spend on fun things, like your hobbies.

I wanted to find a fun way to get our kids involved in being energy conscious around our house. With the colder weather creeping in and our wall heaters coming on more and more often, if we can save energy in other ways around the house it will make a difference. Armed with a detective sheets, I set my kids off to look for ways to save energy. 

I set up some different “energy crime scenes” for them to investigate. In one of the bedrooms, the light was on, the window was open, the heater was on and the fan was on. In the kitchen all the lights were turned on (including the one in the oven) the fridge and microwave doors were open. In the bathroom, again, everything was turned on even though no one was in there.

I asked them to go investigate each room, take notes, and also fix anything they thought they should. Then they returned to give me their reports. We talked about how those different things waste energy and why it’s important to be smart with our energy.

For starters, cutting back our energy use, and especially wasteful habits saves money. It also saves time and improves quality of life. Additionally there is less strain on the power grid which reduces power outages. It even reduces strain on other natural resources like water. Finally, we help protect the environment my reducing emissions that may cause harm.

For tips on how to save energy during both warm and cold weather, visit PG&E’s saving tipsTo plan out your next project, focus on one area of your home with the Money Saver Tool including rebate information.

What good habits have you helped your kids develop to save energy in your house?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.