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Balloon Pinatas (Craft Camp Day 4)

After taking a break for a few days from camp posts, I’m ready to show you our last two days of camp.  

Day 4:
Wear shirts and take a picture with the camp poster
Fill and decorate pinatas
Snack:  Cracker/cheese sandwiches

Day 4 details
As people showed up to camp on Thursday I gave them each their t-shirt and had them put them on.  We went outside with our poster and got a group picture.

girls holding craft camp sign

You’ll remember the disaster we had with the wimpy dollar store balloons and I had to remake about half of the pinata shells.  But they all came together and I was glad we had started them back on Monday so I had time to do it by Thursday!  

paper covered balloons drying in the sun

I had purchased a bunch of bulk candy from Winco and had 2 small baggies put together for each girl.  I cut a flap in the top of each pinata and two holes to string a piece of yarn through.  The girls emptied their candy into the pinatas and we taped them shut with masking tape.  It was at this point that I was wishing I had a helper, because everyone needed something at the same time 🙂

To decorate the pinatas I had several colors of tissue paper and we cut it up into squares.  I put white glue into a paper bowl for each girl and they just did a pinch-dip-press to cover the pinatas.  Lots of the rest of my time was spent cutting up different colors or tissue that the girls wanted.

What was kind of funny is that some girls didn’t even want to decorate theirs, so they just kind of got some free play time.  This was the only activity I had planned for the day!

Most girls took their pinatas home on this day, along with their candy jars and a baggie of jelly beans.  Their parents probably all loved me this day 🙂  I did make sure everyone understood that their parent would be in charge of when and how they busted things open at home.  Our preferred method is usually to just set it on the floor and smack at it with a broom handle!

homemade pinatas with tissue paper busted open

Pictures are scarce from this day…see earlier comment about me wishing I had an extra helper!

Also today I’ve got posts up over at Brassy Apple

I hope you’ll go check them out!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.