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Wood Sign Made from Foam

{Faux Wood Sign}

This post is brought to you by FloraCraft® as part of their Make it: Fun® Team

Let’s make an awesome wood sign that’s light weight and doesn’t require power tools! It’s made from foam–do you like it?  And does that make it a “faux-m” wood sign?

FloraCraft foam board 1 x 12 x 36 inches
FloraCraft Styro Cutter
FloraCraft Smooth Finish (two containers)
FloraCraft Foam Connectors and Eylets
FloraCraft Foam Tool Set
Brown paint
Paint brush
Jingle bells

Alright, let’s get started. Draw out letters on the foam then cut them out with the hot styro cutter. Don’t push too hard and use a sawing motion. The cutter glides right through the foam as it melts it. Be careful of course, it is hot! I also removed about 4 inches from the end of my board because it was a little too long for my word JOY.

Use the different tools from the tool set to smooth out the cuts and to press 2 lines across the board to resemble wood planks.

Apply one thin coat of smooth finish with a spatula to the board front, sides and inside cuts. You’re just trying to fill the little holes in. 

When that is dry, add a second coat dragging the spatula through it to make texture lines this time. Smooth out the grooves as well. Again, let dry.

Paint with brown paint. Blend in a few spots of slightly lighter brown if you want a bit of variation like I did.

Tie two jingle bells to the ends of two pieces of twine. When the paint is dry, take one foam eyelet and twist it up into the middle of the “O.” With the hole still sticking out a little, tie the twine pieces through it, then twist it up a little more actually into the foam.

To easily hang the sign, tap two small nails into the wall, level the sign and just push the back right onto the nails. It would also be easy to add a ribbon hanger to the top and hang it that way instead. Like I said, since it’s so light, it’s much easier to hang than a real wood sign. 

And it looks pretty authentic, don’t you think?  Will you make one that says “JOY” or will yours be different?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.