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Professor Umbridge Cat Pin

If you need a Professor Umbridge costume for Halloween or cosplay, you simply must have a cat brooch to pin to your collar. I’m going to show you how I made a DIY cat pin for my daughter’s Umbridge costume! 

Here are the supplies you’ll need:
Pink cardstock
Cat stickers
Small adhesive gems/ rhinestones
Glossy Accents
Scissors or Cricut Explore
Safety Pin

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Step 1
Cut 3 identical ovals from the pink cardstock. They should be big enough for the cat sticker to fit in the middle. Mine is about 2 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide. Layer them with glue (I used a spray adhesive) and let dry. This makes the pin base nice and sturdy.

Step 2 
Press a cat sticker on the cardstock Apply gems around the oval to make a sparkly border.

Step 3
Fill with Glossy Accents. This glue and sealer will dry crystal clear. Simply flood the area inside the border (it is thick enough that it will seep around the gems, but not spill off onto the table.) Keep flat and let dry overnight.

Step 4
Cut a piece of felt just smaller than the oval so it will fit nicely on the back. Tuck it through the safety pin so that the side that doesn’t open can be against the cardstock, and the felt covers it. Secure with hot glue.

Once the glue sets, your pin is ready to use, either on your Professor Umbridge costume, or any other outfit where you want to declare your love for your feline friends.

Thanks for reading! If you make one, send it to me or tag me somewhere because I’d love to see it! Click this post to see the whole Delores Umbridge costume.

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Saturday 6th of October 2018

what kind of glue

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