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Make a Single Line Cut with Cricut

Sometimes you just want a single cut line in your Cricut design.

The Cricut Minute #15

You may have tried creating the thinnest rectangle you can to accomplish this, but there’s an easier way.
In the Shapes menu, there is a single line that automatically comes into the Canvas as a score line.

But you can change it to a basic cut instead.

Then instead of running a scoring tool along that line, the Cricut will use the blade and create a clean, single line.

Here’s a short video of a time when this trick is useful:

The video was made a few years ago, so Design Space looks a little different but the concept is the same. Here are a couple of screen shots of what you’ll see differently today

The shapes menu looks like this, and the line is listed first.

Change it to a cut line by choosing “Basic” in te Operations drop down menu.

Today’s Tip: Make a Single Line Cut

  • Add a single line from the Shapes menu
  • Change the operation to Basic cut
  • Resize by dragging either end of the line
  • It can be aligned or centered with other objects
  • Be sure to attach it when it’s in the correct location so it stays in place

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