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Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases

Amazon is boasting deals again – so I’ve updated this page for you!

Don’t feel like you need to buy something that you don’t need – but if you’ve been thinking about it, or you can save it for someone for Christmas, it’s perfect timing!

These are things I have already bought on Amazon that are now on sale

Neck Stretcher

Between my phone use and computer use, I should probably using this every day. It’s good for my tight jaw muscles too, since they connect to neck muscles!

Silicone mats

I got these specifically for resin work, but they’re great for keeping your surface clean for lots of crafts – glue guns, paint, etc

Whitening strips

My friends recommended these and they really don’t hurt my teeth.

Comb for my cats

They love this kind more than any other one I’ve tried

Epson Printer I use for sublimation

Remember to put the sublimation ink in – not the ink that comes with the printer 🙂

Things I bought yesterday on Prime Deal sale

Glitter vacuum

I tend to make a mess when I’m mixing glitter or mica powder into resin. I’m curious to see if this will help with clean up!

Nail Polygel

I already have the other accessories and lamp I need to cure these. If you want a whole starter kit try this one!

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